Think SummER Frequently Asked Questions

Class Registration

How many classes will I take?

A full time load during the summer term is 6 credit hours. Most students will take 6-7 credit hours and will work with their academic advisor to choose courses.  

Flight students will be registered for AS 121 (5 credits) and 1 credit hour of flight (FA 121) and will stay over break between summer and fall to continue flight training (at a discount!). BONUS: FA 121 is offered to Summer B students at no cost.

Students who register for at least two academic courses (6 credit hours) may take one preparatory 3 credit hour course (MA 4, MA 6, MA 143, EGR 195A, COM 20) at no cost. Pay for one, get one at no cost!


Where will I live and what is the cost for the residence hall during the summer?

Live in the New Residence Hall 2 on campus, and have the opportunity to stay in that room during the fall and spring semesters.

Summer B semester cost is $1,400. BONUS: the $150 charge to remain on campus during break between summer and fall terms will be waived.


Is Financial Aid available?

For students seeking financial aid for the Summer B term, a FAFSA for the 2019-2020 school year must be submitted and sent to ERAU – school code 001479

What are the tuition, fees and flight costs?

Flight students will want to factor in the costs of accelerated flight training during the summer term. See more on costs here.  Mandatory fees for the summer term are charged at half the rate of the fall or spring semester fees.


Minimum Dining Plan for the Summer B term is half the cost of the Dining Plan during the fall or spring semester. See Meal Plan options and costs here.