The armed forces want individuals who are Scholar-Athlete-Leaders (SAL) to serve as officers. They want students who have good grades, excel in sports, and who have served as a student or community leader.

Why join Army ROTC?

These are the students who show the mental and physical toughness and discipline required for leadership on the battlefield and in the boardroom.

Do you excel in everything you try? You might not have considered a life in the military.

You may have your eye on climbing the ladder in the business world, a career in professional sports, or a life in elected office. The Army believes ROTC is, in their words, "the perfect steppingstone" to a successful career in the real world.

Army ROTC is a course in leadership, giving students hands-on experience and skills that will help them succeed in chosen careers.

After graduation, ROTC students are commissioned officers. They put their leadership skills to the test every day, and when they leave the field of battle, they are prepared for any career in the business world.

So, if you have the grades, the game and the guts, Embry-Riddle's SAL program may have a place for you.

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