Associate of Science in
Aviation Maintenance Science

Associate of Science in Aviation Maintenance Science

At the heart of every flight of every commercial, corporate, or private military aircraft is the work of the professional aviation maintenance expert. Without the devotion of these very special people, the air travel system would cease to function.

The demand for degreed aircraft maintenance specialists in the aviation/aerospace world has never been greater than it is today. The Aviation Maintenance Science (AMS) program at Embry-Riddle produces these aviation professionals — the best in the world.

The Aviation Maintenance Science associate degree is made up of general education courses and technical courses and labs that lead to FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic’s certification. The degree is composed of 66 credit hours, 18 credit hours of general education course work and 48 credit hours of airframe and powerplant technical courses. The associate degree will flow seamlessly into the AMS Bachelor of Science degree.

The courses taken in the Aviation Maintenance Science Department lead to a student being approved for the A&P certification exams. Credit will be granted for any student who enters the University already in possession of the A&P certification. International certification — which may be equivalent to the Airframe and Powerplant certification — will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and, if approved, may be used for academic credit. 

The Associate of Science in Aviation Maintenance Science degree is housed in the Department of Aviation Maintenance Science in the College of Aviation.

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Excerpt taken from the Online Course Catalog

General Education Requirements

For a full description of Embry-Riddle General Education guidelines, please see the General Education section of this catalog. These minimum requirements are applicable to all degree programs.

General Education Core courses:

COM 122English Composition3
COM 219Speech3
or COM 221 Technical Report Writing
CS 120Introduction to Computing in Aviation3
HU 140 Series (Lower-Level Humanities)3
MA 111College Mathematics for Aviation I3
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology3
Total Credits18

Aviation Maintenance Science Courses (leading to A&P certification)

AMS 115Aviation Mathematics and Physics2
AMS 116Fundamentals of Electricity4
AMS 117Tools, Materials and Processes4
AMS 118Aircraft Familiarization and Regulations2
AMS 261Aircraft Metallic Structures3
AMS 262Aircraft Composite Structures3
AMS 263General Aviation Aircraft Systems3
AMS 264General Aviation Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 271Aircraft Reciprocating Powerplant and Systems3
AMS 272Powerplant Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 273Propeller Systems2
AMS 274Aircraft Turbines Powerplants and Systems4
AMS 365Transport Category Aircraft Systems3
AMS 366Transport Category Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 375Repair Station Operations3
AMS 376Powerplant Line Maintenance3
Total Credits48

Tuition for the AMS courses is less than for the other courses in the degree, and is billed separately from the University block tuition. Contact the AMS program coordinator for additional information.

Suggested Course of Study

Semester 1
COM 122 English Composition 3
CS 120 Introduction to Computing in Aviation 3
MA 111 College Mathematics for Aviation I 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
 Credits Subtotal12.0
Semester 2
AMS 115 Aviation Mathematics and Physics 2
AMS 116 Fundamentals of Electricity 4
AMS 117 Tools, Materials and Processes 4
AMS 118 Aircraft Familiarization and Regulations 2
 Credits Subtotal12.0
Semester 3
AMS 261 Aircraft Metallic Structures 3
AMS 262 Aircraft Composite Structures 3
AMS 263 General Aviation Aircraft Systems 3
AMS 264 General Aviation Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems 3
 Credits Subtotal12.0
Semester 4
AMS 365 Transport Category Aircraft Systems 3
AMS 366 Transport Category Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems 3
AMS 271 Aircraft Reciprocating Powerplant and Systems 3
AMS 272 Powerplant Electrical and Instrument Systems 3
Lower-Level Humanities Elective 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
Semester 5
AMS 273 Propeller Systems 2
AMS 274 Aircraft Turbines Powerplants and Systems 4
AMS 375 Repair Station Operations 3
AMS 376 Powerplant Line Maintenance 3
COM 219 Speech 3
or COM 221
Technical Report Writing
 Credits Subtotal15.0
 Credits Total: 66.0

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