Engineering Models Learning Community

Engineering Models Learning Community

Ready to investigate real engineering problems and design new systems? It all starts with modeling. Get a head start on the career skills you will need through Embry-Riddle’s Engineering Models Learning Community. In this group, you’ll join first-year aerospace engineering students with similar skill sets in a unique academic setting to help you transition into the College of Engineering.

Designed to provide you with the fundamentals needed for a holistic modeling experience, the learning community focuses on mathematical, virtual, computational, financial, and physical models. Learning these skills will give you an extra edge in your undergraduate studies, as well as your future graduate studies and career.

You will not only design and test rockets, you will also build special friendships and connections along the way.

Over the course of two consecutive semesters, you’ll have the opportunity to create close-knit relationships with your peers and faculty. Three professors work together to design a special curriculum that you and your peer group will experience together across three courses:

  • EGR 101: Introduction to Engineering (Engineering Design)
  • EGR 115: Introduction to Computing for Engineering (Computer Programming)
  • EGR 120: Graphical Communications (CATIA – Drafting and 3D Modeling)


The community’s built-in support system helps you with the transition into college and establishes a dynamic and collaborative learning environment. You will also enjoy a small cohort of students in the three courses that are part of the Engineering Models Learning Community. 

According to research cited in several academic journals, students participating in engineering learning communities experience better integration in study groups, increased involvement in courses, and more positive outlooks about engineering and collaborative learning techniques.

Our special focus on developing modeling skills means you will be able to take advantage of additional guidance with exemplary professors who are working under a National Science Foundation grant to transform teaching approaches in engineering. Modeling is at the core of everything engineers do. The community’s emphasis on developing modeling skills during your first year will enable you to have a good foundation for future coursework and your career.


In order to qualify for the Engineering Models Learning Community, you:

  • Must be an aerospace engineering major.
  • Cannot transfer in any first-year engineering program courses. (Transferring math, sciences, etc., is okay.)
  • Need to enroll in EGR 101, EGR 120, and EGR 115. (The Engineering Learning Community will enroll you in these classes over the course of your first year.)
  • Cannot simultaneously participate in the Honors Program.

How to Join

Contact your academic advisor. Students can find the name of their assigned advisor in the Academic Advising section of the Campus Solutions Student homepage.

You cannot self-register for the sections that are part of the learning community. If you are eligible for the learning community, the advisors will help you enroll.  

Meet the Community Faculty