About the Center

Center Vision & Values

Inspiring Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the Earth, in the Air, and into Space

We value:

  • Clarity
  • Rigor
  • Resilience
  • Action
  • Scale
  • Impact
  • Concinnity

Mission Statement

The Center for Entrepreneurship educates and connects entrepreneurs seeking to establish and grow high-value, high-growth companies.  We integrate knowledge in aeronautics, aerospace, and adjacent technologies with business acumen to build world-class companies. 

How Do We Serve?

We create programs which foster the development of an entrepreneurial mindset -- the abilities to:

  • identify problems and opportunities
  • understand the problem/opportunity through potential customers
  • craft and narrow plausible solutions to said problem/opportunity


  • Think
  • Solve
  • Build

Who Do We Serve?

  • We serve students through educational programming, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • We provide access to expertise and talent for entrepreneurially minded companies.
  • We provide research opportunities to faculty in the academic investigation of entrepreneurial activities and translating their technological innovations into products and services.

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Center for Entrepreneurship
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