Housing Requests

Accommodative housing requests should be presented — in writing — to Disability Support Services.

Request Guidelines/Information

  1. Documentation — on letterhead — of the disability that is the basis for consideration, including:

    • Date (most recent evaluation must be submitted)
    • Diagnostic statement
    • Criteria for diagnosis (including tests used and their results)
    • Medications, services, assistive devices prescribed to reduce the impact of or provide care for the condition
    • Credentials of the professional(s) making the diagnosis
  2. The evaluator must include an assessment of the disability's impact on the student in a residential university environment.

  3. A specific description by the evaluator of the desired residential adjustment (alternatives, if any, may also be listed for consideration)

  4. Consequences to the student of not receiving the required housing arrangement

  5. Students who document a disability-related requirement for private housing accommodation will be charged at the semi-private rate for the residence hall to which they are assigned.

  6. If the student requires the services of a personal attendant, the documentation should indicate if the attendant would be residential (students are responsible for scheduling and financial arrangements for their personal attendants including campus housing and meal plan costs).

  7. At the point of contracting for University-managed housing, students must notify the Department of Housing if they will be accompanied by a service animal.

  8. Students whose disabilities require the installation of certain technology for safety purposes (for example, visual fire alarms for the deaf) must give the University notice of these needs within at least 60 days prior to housing check-in.

  9. Because of housing contract deadlines for continuing students, as well as facility and roommate assignments for enrolling students, requests for disability-related housing needs should be received no later than the annual published deadline for housing sign-up.

  10. The student's phone number and/or email address

Every effort will be made to respond — in writing — with a decision that allows the student adequate time and resources to prepare for his/her living and learning experiences at the University.

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