The Spark Grant

The Spark Grant is designed to fund smaller research projects, travel to conference to present research, or to cover other research-related costs. Students can apply once per academic year for up to $1,000.

Ignite Grants

The Ignite Group Grants are designed for undergraduate groups conducting research. These grants are available to fund research projects of up to $10,000, but typically are awarded around $5,000. The Ignite Grant application is available at the beginning of the Spring Term for the following academic year.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) provide support for undergraduate students who wish to devote the summer to conducting research and/or preparing proposals to apply for prestigious fellowships, articles for publication, and conference papers/presentations to communicate their research. Fellows will receive a stipend and funding to support their research. 

Ignite Abroad

Ignite Abroad is a short-term research abroad trip during spring break. Students will be expected to participate in pre-trip workshops to learn about the research process, develop their research project, and learn about the country they will be visiting. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to experience a different worldview and develop an appreciation for a globalized society. Ignite Abroad has been to Brazil, Cuba, and China. 

OUR Ambassadors

OUR Ambassadors are a group of students who are currently conducting research on ERAU’s campus and want to get other students involved. Additionally, OUR Ambassadors is a student leadership opportunity to allow students to develop skills in communication, leadership, and service.

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