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Ignite Grant 2017-2018

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​AIAA Design/Build/Fly

Max SiegeDr. Gordon Leishman
​Coldflow Test of Argon Through a Model Hall Effect ThrusterZach HenryDr. Andrei Ludu
​Experimental Investigations on the Blade Tip-Vortex of a Micro-scale RotorJames Bukowski​Dr. Zheng Zhang
Experimental Evidence of Landau Damping via the Interactions of Water Waves on Magnetic Buoys​Eric PadillaDr. Andrei Ludu
Gas Turbine Test Stand​​Daniel AriclaDr. Mark Ricklick
​Neuromuscular Control Systems for Vehicle Autonomous Operations through the Internet of Vehicles ​Adam Berlier​Dr. Eduardo Divo
Predictive Constraint Program Mapping and Evaluation of Critical Unmanned Aerial System Flight Navigation Pathing​Courtney Thurston​Dr. Richard Stansbury
Project AtlasBrett SchubertDr. Illeris Demirkiran
Project HummingbirdKaren MaurerDr. Eric Perrell
Project NautilusDevon Vail​Dr. Shuo Pang

Use of a World-class Vehicle Dynamic Simulator to Maximize Tire Mechanical Grip

Maxwell Kline

Dr. Victor Huayamave & Dr. David Spitzer


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