Current Research


Ignite Grant 2017-2018

 Project Title  Student PI  Faculty Mentor
AIAA Design/Build/Fly Max Siege  Dr. Gordon Leishman
Coldflow Test of Argon Through a Model Hall Effect Thruster Zach Henry  Dr. Andrei Ludu
Experimental Investigations on the Blade Tip-Vortex of a Micro-scale Rotor James Bukowski  Dr. Zheng Zhang
Experimental Evidence of Landau Damping via the Interactions of Water Waves on Magnetic Buoys Eric Padilla  Dr. Andrei Ludu
Gas Turbine Test Stand Daniel Aricla  Dr. Mark Ricklick
Neuromuscular Control Systems for Vehicle Autonomous Operations through the Internet of Vehicles Adam Berlier  Dr. Eduardo Divo
Predictive Constraint Program Mapping and Evaluation of Critical Unmanned Aerial System Flight Navigation Pathing Courtney Thurston  Dr. Richard Stansbury
Project Atlas Brett Schubert  Dr. Illeris Demirkiran
Project Hummingbird Karen Maurer  Dr. Eric Perrell
Project Nautilus Devon Vail  Dr. Shuo Pang
Use of a World-class Vehicle Dynamic Simulator to Maximize Tire Mechanical Grip Maxwell Kline  Dr. Victor Huayamave & Dr. David Spitzer

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