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Questions related to academic advising and course registration

First Year Students are assigned an advisor based on the college in which their degree program is found.  Students can find the name of their assigned advisor in the Academic Advising section of the Campus Solutions Student Homepage.
  • Academic advisors in the office of First-Year Programs are available to all students on a walk-in basis. 
  • Please visit the Self-Registration & Course Scheduling page in ERNIE for instructions on how to register for courses and to find typical first semester schedules for first-year students.  If additional support is needed after reading this information, please contact an academic advisor in First-Year Programs.
  • Most courses offer multiple “sections” of a class.For example, COM 122 (English Composition) offers as many as 36 class sections in one term.Each section has a specific time/day(s) of the week in which the class meets, and an assigned instructor.A student may choose one section from those 36 class options that best fits their schedule.A class section number is denoted by a number followed by DB, e.g., COM 122-36DB.
  • To be considered a full-time student, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits.  The maximum credit load is 16.  Suggested total number of credits for the first semester are found at the bottom of the Typical First Semester Schedule page.
  • A student enrolled between 12 – 16 credits is considered a full-time student.
  • There may be multiple reasons why a student does not have access to registration.   The first step in the process is submitting the $200 deposit.  Once the deposit has been paid, several administrative steps are completed to activate a student’s ability to register.  This may take up to a couple of weeks depending on a student’s acceptance date.
  • Accepted students may register for classes and make changes to schedules until the last day of the ADD/DROP period in their initial enrollment term.  Ideally though, students will be registered for at least 12 credits by the first day of classes. 
  • Students are encouraged to review their degree program outlined in the Course Catalog to learn more about their program and required courses needed to graduate.  Academic advisors in the office of First-Year Programs also work with students to determine what course(s) to register for that will apply to individual degree programs.
  • HYB is the abbreviation for a hybrid class which offers instruction in both lecture and online formats.  A hybrid class is defined as a course “best suited for students who are technically competent, self-disciplined and highly motivated”. 
  • Individual departments update professor assignments for classes.  In the event a professor has not yet been assigned to a class, the course listing will have “Staff” until an update is made.
  • Yes, in nearly all cases students are able to get to all of their classes in a timely manner.  The academic buildings are located within a reasonable walking distance of each other and offer students enough time to get from one class to the next.  Exceptions may exist for some students involved in programs such as ROTC, athletics or flight. 
  • In most cases, classes are offered on Monday-Wednesday-Friday OR Tuesday-Thursday.  Most MWF classes are held for 50 minutes, and T/TH classes are held for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Questions related to transfer credits (AP/IB/dual enrollment, etc.)

  • Please review the Transfer Course Credit information in ERNIE to determine how transfer credit can be applied.  Credit will be awarded when proper documentation has been received by the university and evaluated and approved by the Office of the Registrar.  Once the Office of the Registrar awards credits, an academic advisor will then be able to assist with interpreting how these credits will count toward a degree, and what courses to take.
  • Students are encouraged to review their degree program listed in the Course Catalog to learn more about the program and required courses needed to graduate.  An academic advisor will also help in determining what course(s) to register for that will apply to a degree program. 
  • Transfer credits can be found in Campus Solutions Student Homepage. Click on the Academic Records tile and select Transfer Credit Report from the menu on the left side of the screen. This page will list all posted transfer credits. Transfer credits can also be viewed on the Course History screen which can be found in the same menu list.
  • Please contact to have AP scores sent directly to ERAU.  Transfer credits from another college/university will be evaluated upon receipt of an official transcript from that institution.
  • IB scores must be received by ERAU from International Baccalaureate.  All requests to IB must be submitted by the program coordinator of the school where the student is enrolled in the Diploma Programme (DP).  For more information, please review how to request IB transcripts.

Questions about Placement Evaluations (ALEKS/Composition Online Evaluation/PSVT:R)

  • The course placement listed in the To Do List will be removed upon completion of the course.
  • Following completion of the Composition Online Evaluation, results can be expected to be posted within a two week period (approximately).  Please visit the ERAU Writing Program site to find more information about course placement and the ERAU Writing Program.
  • The Composition Online Evaluation cannot be reset for an additional attempt.  Should a student have difficulty accessing the test or have complications, they may take the test in person in the Department of Humanities and Communication upon arriving on campus before classes begin.  Please visit the ERAU Writing Program site to find more information about course placement and the ERAU Writing Program.
  • After completing the ALEKS and receiving a math course placement, students are given the opportunity to improve their score by completing assigned topics within a five-hour learning module followed by a second evaluation.  A third attempt is also offered following completion of assigned topics within an eight-hour learning module.  
  • The Department of Engineering Fundamentals will consider a second attempt of the PSVT:R on a case by case basis.  For situations requiring consideration for a re-set or second attempt, please contact Dr. Heidi Steinhauer at  Dr. Lisa Davids may also be reached at from August through April. 
  • For cases in which students are being awarded transfer credit for college level math and/or English Composition, they are not required to complete the ALEKS and/or Composition Online Evaluation.However, it is recommend that students take applicable placement exams and register for classes then adjust registration if needed once scores have been received and credit awarded.
  • Awarded transfer credit supersedes placement exam results for those students who choose to take the placement.In the event a student completes a course for which they received transfer credit, the course attempt then replaces the transfer credit.

Questions related to payments, billing and financial aid

  • The deadline for Fall 2018 payment is Friday, August 17th.
  • Please visit the office of Student Financial Services link to review instructions on how to pay tuition.An email may also be sent to ERNIE Central to submit questions and correspond with a campus representative.
  • Please visit the office of Student Financial Services link to review instructions on how to pay tuition.An email may also be sent to ERNIE Central to submit questions and correspond with a campus representative.

Questions related to changing major, minor, Area of Concentration (AOC), track, etc.

  • Prior to starting classes as a first year student, students who wish to change their degree program (major) can contact the Admissions department to make the request.  Following the start of classes, students must complete a Program Change form and obtain the required signatures from the Program Coordinators from both the declared and desired degree programs.
  • The Office of the Registrar processes all Change of Program forms in a consistent and timely manner.When the change has been made it will be reflected in a student’s Campus Solutions Student Homepage >> Academic Records >> My Program.
  • Following the start of their first term, students may declare or make changes to minors, Area of Concentration, Track, Option, or Specialization directly online in ERNIE by following these steps:  Click on FORMS >> Scroll to OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR >> Click on ACADEMIC EVALUATION >>  Make desired changes, review, sign and submit.  Prior to starting classes at ERAU as a first year student, students who wish add/drop a minor/AOC/Track can contact the Admissions department to make the request.

Questions related to housing, meal plans and orientation

  • Fall 2018 Eagle Takeoff Orientation officially begins on Wednesday, August 22nd, with several programs holding Pre-Orientation sessions prior to that date.  For more information, updates, and contact information, please visit the orientation site in ERNIE.  Updates and important information will also be distributed through the university email system and students are encouraged to check their email daily.  
  • ERAU Check-in and Move-in Dates: ERAU Check-in will take place between 9 a.m. and noon each day on August 20 - 22. You will be able to check in for housing, orientation, and international student services all in one place. After ERAU Check-in, you will have a chance to move into the residence halls if you are planning to live on campus.
    • August 20: ROTC students, international students, student athletes
    • August 21: Flight students, Honors program, Living Learning Communities
    • August 22: All other students
      For questions about residence hall selection, please contact the department of Housing.
  • Students will receive email notifications about housing assignments as well as other important information.
  • Students are encouraged to check their ERAU email daily to receive important updates about housing.
  • Please visit the campus dining website to explore meal plan options and stay up to date with other information posted by Dining Services

Questions related to Flight

  • Flight Students:  this link will answer a multitude of questions from what documentation is required to submit to estimated costs.  Flight students and their families are also encouraged to explore the New Flight Student Guidebook to familiarize themselves with the Aeronautical Science degree program.

Questions related to ROTC

Please visit the ERAU ROTC page for more information about the programs and contact information.

General Questions

  • Students may visit the Student Employment website or visit the office (Bldg. 30, Room 121 in the Tomcat Annex) to inquire about finding a job on campus. 
  • Students who choose to have a vehicle on campus are required to register the vehicle and obtain a parking permit from Campus Safety & Security.
  • This link to our Information Technology department will answer questions related to computers and technology.
  • The university uses ERAU mail as the primary source of communication with students.  It is recommended that students check their ERAU email daily.
  • Please visit the tutoring page to find out more about campus tutoring resources.In addition to these published tutoring opportunities, students may inquire with First Year Programs about additional resources that may be available on campus.It is always recommended that students meet with professors to address academic needs and support.
  • Please follow the directions for granting auxiliary access thus allowing parents the opportunity to discuss educational information with various departments across campus.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy act of 1974 (FERPA)

  • Please review the university’s FERPA page for more information pertaining to the protection of students’ educational records. Students may give permission to the university to allow selected individuals access to their educational records by granting Auxiliary Access.

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