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B.S. in Communication/Master of Business Administration



The five-year program options allow exceptional students to complete a baccalaureate degree (B.S.) in Communication and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). The objective of this five-year degree is to provide the opportunity for students to build a well-rounded undergraduate education and then further prepare themselves as professional managers in the aviation/aerospace industry.

The Business Administration minor must be selected as one of the three minor fields of study to prepare the student for this degree option. With a curriculum tailored toward the aviation/aerospace industry, the communication program at Embry-Riddle is unique. Not only will you learn the editing, design and linguistic skills common to all communication professionals, you will also master specific genres such as feature writing and crisis communication. Our graduates are poised to assume roles in the areas of public relations and reporting and information management, with skills specially suited to the dynamic field of aviation and aerospace.

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Career Outlook

The skill sets acquired by our Communication majors open the door to a wide variety of career choices.

Our Graduates will:

  • Represent companies as public relations, media relations and internal relations associates, using digital and print media and public speaking skills to advance company goals.
  • Work in traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio. These industries have a specific need for skilled communicators with specialty knowledge, such as aviation, aerospace, technology and science.
  • Gain employment in new and/or converged media, generating blogs, real-time news, audio and video reports for company-run Web sites, multi-purpose online outlets such as Yahoo, Google or AOL or sites affiliated with traditional media.
  • Pursue any number of careers enhanced by communication skills, including law, education, politics, public affairs and fields which modern communication technology is making possible for the first time.

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities & Social Sciences offers courses such as writing, history, literature, political science, philosophy, religion, music and mass communication.

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