Daytona Beach Campus

College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is a diverse learning community that consists of five academic departments, and three ROTC units.

Human Factors | Humanities & Social Sciences | Mathematics | Physical Sciences | Security Studies and International Affairs

About COAS

Students will find engaging programs offered in our college, such as:

Student success is our only goal, so students are encouraged to participate in numerous cooperative learning experiences, industry internships, student clubs and undergraduate research projects, to enhance classroom work with real-world experience and applications.

General Education and College Experience

In addition to our degree programs, our college delivers most of the general education courses on campus, providing vital course work during the first two years for all our students.

Our faculty seeks to develop our students' ability to think critically and analytically, and to accept responsibility. Our college students are expected to master the skills that enable them to communicate clearly, and to interact with people different from themselves.

We encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities to pursue cooperative learning experiences, industry internships, study abroad terms and undergraduate research projects.

Cultural Activities

Our Honors Program provides students with exceptional backgrounds the opportunity to enhance their learning in their programs of study. The Honors Program Distinguished Speaker Series brings stimulating speakers to campus each year.

Our faculty is highly involved in research and scholarly activities that often involve undergraduate and graduate students. The Space Physic Research labs, the Atmospheric Physics Research Lab (APRL) and the Human Factors and Systems Research Labs are operated by our faculty, and provide many opportunities for faculty and student research. 

To enrich the lives of the faculty, staff and students, our college sponsors the annual Arts and Letters series. These plays, speakers and musical programs greatly enhance the cultural climate of our campus and the local community.

More Information

For more information please visit the College of Arts & Sciences website.