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Bachelor of Science in Space Physics



The Bachelor of Science in Space Physics is designed to produce graduates who want to pursue careers in space-related professions, or who want to pursue advanced studies in diverse areas of science and engineering. This program supports the University's purpose "to provide a comprehensive education to prepare graduates for productive careers and responsible citizenship, with special emphasis on the needs of aviation, aerospace engineering and related fields."

As defined by NASA, "Space Physics is the scientific study of magnetic and electric phenomena which occur in outer space, in the upper atmosphere of planets and on the Sun. Space physicists use ground-based instruments, balloons, rockets, satellites and deep space probes to study these phenomena where they occur." Examples of such studies include space shuttle aurora observations, ground-based solar studies, ground-based ionospheric studies, balloon flights to the edge of the atmosphere and sounding rocket flights into near space.

Admission Requirements

To enter this program, students must have completed four years of high school science and mathematics, demonstrating a high level of competency. Successful candidates for this program will be prepared to enter Calculus I and Chemistry for Engineers.

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The Space Physics program focuses on Space Science with emphasis on solar system physics, planetary science and astrophysics.

The program shares its facilities and course work with the highly successful Engineering Physics program, the largest of its kind in the United States.


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Jason Aufdenberg Dr. Jason Aufdenberg

Associate Professor, SP Program Coordinator

Physical Sciences

Dr. Jason Aufdenberg is a physical sciences associate professor and SP program coordinator in the Physical Sciences Department of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach College of Arts & Sciences.