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Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies



A unique degree program, Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) offers students an opportunity to design a program of study that serves their needs and aspirations. This flexible degree- born in response to appeals from corporate leaders- nurtures worldly thinkers who understand the intersections between technologies and humans.

Interdisciplinary Studies requires course work in general education, a core curriculum, three minors and open electives. General education provides a broad foundation of study upon which the IDS core expands. IDS core courses aim to enhance communication and analytical abilities, and to help students gain an understanding of history, art and literature- all of which shape an awareness of what it means to be human.

Courses in the core also prepare students to discover meaningful connections among their three minors. The element of choice in Interdisciplinary Studies- primarily lodged in the selection of minor courses of study- obliges them to explore the University's offerings in search of a configuration which will help them attain future goals. In the capstone experience, each IDS student engages in a co-operative internship, or writes a senior thesis.

Interdisciplinary Studies students acquire foundational knowledge and skills that cross academic boundaries, enabling them to make creative connections. These abilities- in addition to an entrepreneurial spirit which arises from a self-designed program- position these majors to continue their education or to excel in a wide variety of professions.

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The Interdisciplinary Studies degree combines aviation and technology with liberal arts. It seeks to produce students with an entrepreneurial spirit who will cross boundaries, make creative connections and become leaders in aviation and aerospace. When you graduate from Embry-Riddle, you'll have a broad base of knowledge and skills which will serve you the rest of your life.

Interdisciplinary Studies will:

  • Give you the raw materials to design your future as an innovator and a leader.
  • Offer unique flexibility and almost unlimited career possibilities in or out of the aviation field.
  • Allow you to choose three separate areas of specialization ranging from flight, air traffic control or aviation weather to space studies, humanities or international relations.
  • Permit you to design you own course of study tailored to your goals and needs.


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Interdisciplinary Studies degree offers graduates excellent career flexibility.

Recent graduates have been employed as air traffic controllers, software engineers, airport operations supervisors and even CEOs. Some have pursued careers as commercial pilots and commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force. Others have gone on to graduate study in fields such as law, human factors, international relations, psychology and space operations.

In addition, Interdisciplinary Studies graduates have received job offers from: 

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