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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration



Embry-Riddle's Business Administration Degree Program Combines Strong Business Foundation with In-Depth Study of Aviation Specifics

Specialized Management Skills for Aviation

Effective management is essential for corporations to navigate successfully in today's global economy. You can learn these management skills from Embry-Riddle's world-renowned faculty. Our accredited program is geared toward meeting the challenges faced by the constantly evolving aviation and aerospace industry. As an Embry-Riddle business graduate, you will be a valuable asset in any career you choose, working for companies in any industry.

Choose Major: Management, Marketing, or Accounting and FinanceĀ 

In this degree program, you will acquire a strong foundation of business and management principles, finance and accounting, information systems, communication skills, and teamwork. You will select a major in Management, Marketing, or Accounting and Finance. Students should declare their major at the start of their sophomore year.

You may also take advantage of invaluable on-the-job co-op internships with major employers as part of your chosen specialty.

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The Business Administration Program Encourages Cooperative Education Experiences

Embry-Riddle's Business Administration program at the Daytona Beach Campus is accredited by:

The College of Business works with the National Business Aviation Association, in cooperation with the University Aviation Association, to establish minimum management certification requirements. Our degree programs meet the needs of the continually changing environment of education, business, and aviation.

Cooperative education experiences are encouraged, with faculty assigned to assist students in securing co-op/internships. In addition, elective courses allow students to broaden their general education or pursue specific interests in aviation/aerospace-related topics. Active guidance on the needs of aviation management is provided by the Business Advisory Committee. Department-sponsored tutoring and labs are also provided.

Students should be aware that several courses in each academic year may require prerequisite subject knowledge and/or class standing. Check the course descriptions in the current catalog before registering for classes to ensure appropriate placement.

Our Business Administration Program Gives You a Strong Business Foundation with Aviation and Operations Knowledge

Business Administration Catalog


View requirements for the B.S. in Business Administration degree on the Catalog site.


Manage Your Future

Recent Embry-Riddle business administration graduates are employed in leading airlines, aviation/aerospace and commercial firms, consultancies, and regulatory bodies, including ARC Engineering, Cendant, United Continental, Daimler/Chrysler, Delta, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Express, Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa, UAL,UPS, United Space Alliance, US Airways, and U.S. Armed Forces.

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Career Services Office offers a resume referral system known as the EagleHire Network.

Business + Aviation Expertise = An Attractive Resume

As the world's air transportation network becomes ever more sophisticated and complex, the demand for professionals with the skills and knowledge required to maximize the efficiency of both people and the aviation system continues to grow.

Employers of Embry-Riddle's business administration graduates can be confident that they are hiring people who possess knowledge of the unique characteristics of the aviation and aerospace industries and the management principles underlying all business.

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Dawna Rhoades Dr. Dawna Rhoades

Professor and Department Chair

Management, Marketing & Operations

Ph.D. in Management, 1996, University of Houston. At Embry-Riddle since 1996.

Michael Williams Dr. Michael J. Williams

Professor, Dean

Economics, Finance, & Information Systems

Ph.D. in Computer Systems, Nova Southeastern University. At Embry-Riddle since 1984.

Massoud Bazargan Dr. Massoud Bazargan

Professor, Associate Dean of Research

Management, Marketing, & Operations

Ph.D. in Operations Research, 1996, University of New South Wales, Australia. At Embry-Riddle since 1999.