College of Engineering

Industry Advisory Board

Irving Abel
NASA Langley Research Center
Luis DaSilva
Project Engineering
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Dr. Alberto Lacaze
Robotic Research
David Majko
Design Engineer
Flight Test Design
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
Bill Manley
UK- WLSP Technical Manager
Northrup Grumman Corporation, Aerospace Systems
Ryle Maxson
Space Exploration Technologies
Jennifer Murray
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Lead
Advanced Systems/KT-C
NASA - Kennedy Space Center
Dr. J. Enrique Portillo
Combustion Research Engineer
Advanced Combustion and Aero-Thermal Technologies
Siemens Energy, Inc.
Dave Spitzer
Vice President, Competition
Grand-Am Road Racing
Diarmuid R. Strasser
Senior Systems Engineer
A&P Mechanic Systems Engineering
Rockwell Collins
Riaz Zaidi
Project Engineer/Scientist,
F-15 Mechanical Systems
Military Aircraft & Missile Systems
The Boeing Company