College of Engineering

A Curriculum Wide Software Development Case Study

This NSF funded research develops case studies of software development for use in software engineering and computing instruction. Products include realistic projects, complete artifacts throughout the software development life cycle, case studies decoupled from a particular textbook, and case modules designed with varying complexity allowing for use in multiple classes throughout undergraduate and graduate curricula. Additional information is available at


Massood Towhidnejad Dr. Massood Towhidnejad

Professor of Computer and Software Engineering

Dr. Towhidnejad is the director of the Next -Generation ERAU Applied Research (NEAR) lab. His research interest includes; Software Engineering Education, Software Quality Assurance and Testing, Autonomous Systems, and Air Traffic Management (NextGen). He has served as a PI or Co-PI on number of FAA, industry and government grants and contracts.

Tom Hilburn Dr. Tom Hilburn

Professor of Software Engineering, Emeritus

Dr. Thomas B. Hilburn is a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.