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The civil engineering department is designed to bring space-age technology to the forefront of engineering education.  However, ERAU civil engineering graduates have the confidence and insight needed to immediately make an impact in the field.

The program accomplishes this through small, project-oriented classroom study combined with readily available access to the facilities and talents of the University’s other internationally recognized engineering programs. Taking classical civil engineering design problems and applying a high-technology approach to the solution, and then constructing that design solution in a team-work atmosphere, produces a graduate with an unusual talent for seeing the entire scope of the business of engineering.

In a few years after graduation, Civil Engineering alumni are expected to have successful engineering careers as productive members or leaders within teams, or organizations, or as independent entrepreneurs, or will be engaged in advanced studies.  As creative thinkers and practical problem solvers they will have contributed to finding solutions to civil, aerospace, or aviation design and construction projects to the betterment of modern society.

Furthermore, Civil Engineering alumni are expected to be responsible and ethical members of society and the engineering profession and to pursue professional licensure and personal development through continuing education and active participation in professional organizations.

The civil engineering department regularly monitors its success in accomplishing these goals and, with the recommendation of faculty, students, alumni, and industry representatives, constantly makes changes to the program to ensure that the ERAU graduate is of the highest quality and ready to handle any challenge that may await them.