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Aeroelastic Gust-Airfoil Interaction Numerical Studies

This project, conducted in collaboration with WPAFB and Eglin AFB AFRL scientists over the past 8 years, employs DOD HPC and ERAU computer facilities to conduct high-fidelity, low-Reynolds, aeroelastic gust-airfoil interaction studies to model unsteady responses and their control for small UAVs operating, e.g., in highly unsteady urban canyons. The focus is on modeling airfoil interactions with canonical  upstream flow configurations including time-harmonic and sharp-edge gusts, vortices and synthetic turbulence with prescribed characteristics tailored to a specified unsteady flight-path environment. Note that this and other listed projects that include noise predictions and noise/flow control components are partially supported by Florida Center for Advanced Aero Propulsion (FCAAP) in these efforts.


Vladimir Golubev Dr. Vladimir V. Golubev


Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Golubev is a tenured Professor at the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He joined the school in 2001 following a 3-year industrial engineering research experience at the Trane Co.