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Radio-Frequency Identification

Lab Information

Abbreviation: RFID

The Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) laboratory was established to support both student learning as well as research activities involving the tracking of assets, people, and animals.  The lab currently uses Alien RFID readers, antennae, and software to read a variety of passive and active radio tags.  

The concept of RFID involves attaching a tiny radio transmitter/receiver (tag) to an object or person and when the tag is in range of the antenna, it is activated by radio waves and transmits pre-programmed information.  

The RFID lab as currently configured includes two antennae mounted on frames, a desktop computer with Alien application software installed, and an Alien 9900 reader.  Courses currently supported by the lab include BA 215 – Transportation Principles, BA 320 – Information Systems, BA 411 – Supply Chain and Logistics, and BA 424 – Project Management.

Students in these classes are exposed to RFID fundamentals and complete projects using laboratory projects which support information presented in class.

Although research activities in the RFID lab are still in the early stages, potential areas of interest include: airline luggage tracking and security, aircraft technician tool tracking, personnel access control, aircraft parts inventory control, aircraft ground support equipment condition and tracking, etc.