College of Business

Applied Aviation Simulation Lab

Lab Information

Abbreviation: AASL

This lab uses advanced simulation techniques to optimize airline, airport, airspace, and manufacturing operations. The aviation and aerospace industry is very operationally focused and involves large amounts of capital investment for its activities. This laboratory is designed to assist firms in efforts to increase the productivity of existing assets, evaluating the potential impact of new assets, and restructuring existing operations to achieve optimal results. Examples of completed research include:

  • Line Maintenance Simulation Model for Strategic Manpower
  • Economic Feasibility Study of Supertug Use
  • Aircraft Boarding

The lab contains the following: six OptiPlex GX755 Desktop Computers, two PowerEdge 2850 (4GB memory) Application Servers, one PowerEdge Weather Server (6GB memory), one PowerEdge Database Server, one SCSI Storage Array, 8x UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protectors for workstations and Projector Display Units, one Dell PowerConnect 2724 Gigabit Switch, and 10 Gigabit Network Cables. Further, the simulation lab is loaded with multiple discrete and continuous simulation/optimization software. Efforts are under way to obtain airline scheduling tools including revenue management, fleet, aircraft, and crew scheduling, irregular operations, and gate assignment suites.