College of Business

Long-Term Organizational Sustainability

Publication Reference

Arnaud, A., & Rhoades, D.L. (2009) Long-Term Organizational Sustainability: The Case for a Sustain-centric and Ethical Climate of the Organization, pp. 133-144. In Environmental Management, Sustainable Development & Human Health eds. Mattheus Gossens, Eddie Leboy, Fred Schaeffner, and Ahmed Abdelhadi. Taylor & Frances Group, London, UK.


Dawna Rhoades Dr. Dawna Rhoades

Professor and Department Chair

Management, Marketing & Operations

Ph.D. in Management, 1996, University of Houston. At Embry-Riddle since 1996.

Anke Arnaud Dr. Anke Arnaud

Associate Professor

Management, Marketing, & Operations

Ph.D. in Management, 2006, University of Central Florida. At Embry-Riddle since 2007.