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General Relativity and Quantum Gravity

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Dr. Charles Vuille

Associate Professor

Physical Sciences

Work: 386-226-6724


Dr Vuille's research is in the area of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, particularly on the interface between gravitation and quantum theory. Currently he is working on solutions to Einstein's equations for massless quantum scalar fields and on the gravity field of nucleons and quarks in a study of the Einstein-Maxwell-Proca equations. Other areas of interest include dark matter and cosmology, dark energy, and the development of new quantum wave equations.

Past research has included Quantum Field Theory on Curved Space, Supergravity/String Theory, and other topics. Physics is currently in the doldrums. Superstings and M theory have made no new observable predictions. Dr O'Reilly now currently favors looking at emergent theories of gravity. These come in many forms such as the recently popularized Verlinde theory or also the holographic view of the universe. However he favors treating gravity as a non quantized background field as was done in early work on QFT on Curved Space. An example of an emergent theory is the Ideal Gas Law which is emergent from the kinetic theory of gases. This view would requires that there is no graviton or quantum of gravity and that gravity cannot be incorporated into a grand unified theory of the fundamental forces.


Dermot O'Reilly Dr. Dermot O'Reilly

Visiting Assistant Professor

Physical Sciences

Dermot O'Reilly works in several areas of theoretical physics including quantum gravity and supergravity.