College of Arts and Sciences

Space Physics Research Lab

Lab Information

Abbreviation: SPRL Lab

Number: LB 330

Located In:
Lehman Building - COAS (LB)


Dr. Gulamabas Sivjee


Physical Sciences

Work: 386-226-6711


The Space Physics Research Lab (SPRL), located in Lehman Building 330, operates state-of-the-art electro-optical remote-sensing facilities at eight globally dispersed remote sites, ranging from the North Pole to the South Pole. These facilities are operated continuously to investigate the effects of solar and geophysical disturbances on atomic, molecular and plasma processes in the Near-Earth Space Environment where satellites (including the International Space Station) orbit the Earth and through which  spacecraft must travel. Embry-Riddle EP undergraduate and graduate students are involved in the design, construction, calibration, deployment, and operation of these facilities.

 Directed by Dr. Abas Sivjee