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A three-day workshop for aviation practitioners and safety professionals 

Principles of Aviation Safety Management Systems is a three-day course for aviation practitioners, taught by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University SMS subject matter experts. Aviation safety professionals and stakeholders should plan to attend. This course is tailored toward any individual actively involved in their organization's safety management system.

May 20-22, 2014 - Accepting Registrations

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 
Daytona Beach, Florida

Course Description

This three-day Embry-Riddle course will provide participants with both a solid foundation in basic Safety Management Systems (SMS) concepts, and will support further implementation of SMS within their organization, with a fundamental knowledge including safety risk management (hazards, risks and controls); human factors; reactive, proactive and predictive safety management tools and methods; positive safety culture; and SMS implementation overview. Attendees will be able to explain the theory, principles and application of SMS, and will understand the ICAO requirements for implementation, as well as the current FAA guidance for operators and organizations. Participants will receive a copy of Safety Management Systems in Aviation, authored in part by Dr. A. Stolzer, Department Chair at ERAU.

Course Objectives

By the completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the high level theories and concepts of SMS
  • Become familiar with the role of safety culture in a SMS
  • Apply the appropriate regulatory requirements for a SMS in their organization
  • Use and apply the principles of Safety Risk Management
  • Become familiar with the role of Safety Assurance in a SMS
  • Describe the requirements for SMS training and its contribution to safety culture

Key Topics

  • Introduction to SMS
  • Human Factors and Safety Culture
  • SMS Requirements
  • SMS Policy
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Promotion
  • SMS Training

Course Fee

  • C.A.S.E. Discount (eligible to CASE Course graduates): US $1,200
  • Early Bird (before Feb.14, 2014): US $1,300
  • Standard Course Fee: US $1,400