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Chandler Titus Engine Repair Station

Lab Information

Abbreviation: AMS Engine Test

Chandler Titus Engine Repair Station

The Chandler Titus engine repair station serves the university with dual functionality in providing both student training as well as aircraft engine overhaul production. As an FAA Certified Class I Powerplant Repair Station its operational priority is to provide the Aviation Maintenance Science Department a real live training environment for its students in serving as a capstone laboratory for the Repair Station Operations (AMS 375) course while additionally serving a secondary function of providing engine overhaul services for the university’s fleet of flight training aircraft. 

While in this course the student will gain valuable knowledge in learning about the operational aspects of an FAA Certified Repair Station while additionally becoming familiar with and experienced in those operations necessary to perform an airworthy overhaul of an aircraft reciprocating engine of up to 400 Horsepower.