College of Aviation

Next-Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Weather Research

Various activities in support of NextGen weather research, development, and testing of new capabilities.  

There are a number of activities that I am involved with in the area of NextGen weather research, development, and testing:

  1. Co-chair of the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) Weather Demonstration Coordination Team.  This group has built a database of current and completed NextGen technology demonstrations involving aviation meteorological information.
  2. Member of JPDO Weather Working Group.  I’ve participated in their bimonthly telecons regarding current progress of NextGen weather research and future direction.
  3. Attended a number of NextGen Weather meetings, to include Friends and Partners of Aviation Weather (FPAW) meetings in Orlando, FL and Washington, DC, and 4D Data Cube Requirements meeting in July 2010.
  4. Supporting activities regarding weather and air traffic management integration research at the Florida NextGen Test Bed facility at the Daytona Beach International Airport.


John Lanicci Dr. John M. Lanicci

Professor, MSA Program Coordinator

Master of Science in Aeronautics

Applied Aviation Sciences

Dr. Lanicci has over 30 years experience in the meteorological profession. He is currently the Program Coordinator for the M.S. in Aeronautics program, and has taught nearly a dozen undergraduate and graduate courses.