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East-central Florida Extreme Weather Events

I’ve analyzed the synoptic and sub-synoptic aspects of the 25 December 2006 tornado outbreak in central Florida that resulted in $50 million of damage to the Embry-Riddle campus.  I’ve examined this case from conventional meteorological and emergency-preparedness perspectives.  For the latter, I developed a timeline-based education and training protocol analogous to the stages of hazard preparation/response (e.g., preparation/mitigation, evacuation, immediate response, recovery, review).  I believe that this approach could be used to prepare a local population for severe weather by educating them on the climatology, relevant forecast products, and use of those products along the timeline leading to the event.  In March 2010, I presented a talk on this concept to the College and University Disaster Assessment and Research Center, an emergency management and safety consortium of the five colleges and universities here in Volusia and Flagler counties.  


John Lanicci Dr. John M. Lanicci

Professor, MSA Program Coordinator

Master of Science in Aeronautics

Applied Aviation Sciences

Dr. Lanicci has over 30 years experience in the meteorological profession. He is currently the Program Coordinator for the M.S. in Aeronautics program, and has taught nearly a dozen undergraduate and graduate courses.