College of Aviation

Climate Change and Environmental Security

In November 2012, Doctors Jim Ramsay and John Lanicci co-authored two environmental
security case studies about climate change and security in the Arctic, and the
destabilizing effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast region and
U.S. economy. These cases are part of a Homeland Security case studies
text book currently in production. Since February 2012, Dr. Lanicci has been
leading a NASA-funded research project to investigate the potential
effects of climate change on the infrastructure and environment of the
Kennedy Space Center complex. The research group, which consists of
researchers from the University of Central Florida and the KSC Weather
Office, is presently analyzing archived meteorological data from the KSC
complex for evidence of extreme weather events. They are part of a
consortium of NASA-sponsored researchers examining the potential impacts
of climate change on NASA centers nationwide.


John Lanicci Dr. John M. Lanicci

Professor, MSA Program Coordinator

Master of Science in Aeronautics

Applied Aviation Sciences

Dr. Lanicci has over 30 years experience in the meteorological profession. He is currently the Program Coordinator for the M.S. in Aeronautics program, and has taught nearly a dozen undergraduate and graduate courses.

Jim Ramsay Dr. Jim D. Ramsay MA, CSP


Security Studies & International Affairs

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Jim Ramsay began the HS program at ERAU in 2006, and has been the program coordinator since that time. Ramsay teaches several classes and directs the internship program and the senior capstone consulting project.