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4D FMS (Flight Management System) TBO (Trajectory Based Operations) Demonstration


The operational objective of this task is to demonstrate operational capabilities and potential business and stakeholder value of NextGen 4D TBO concepts. Initial work will be done to develop “Proof of Concept” deliverables to include; operational concepts of use, safety analysis, benefit analysis, and human in the loop (HITL) simulation.


The emerging CNS/ATM environment envisioned under Next Gen and SESAR will rely heavily on 4D TBO. Definitions are needed for “required performance” of trajectory prediction, negotiation, and guidance in a 4D TBO environment. Integration of an aircraft generated 4D trajectory into air/ground TBO applications must still be developed. This will require appropriate analysis of the aircraft FMS-generated 4D trajectory data. In the NextGen, “best-equipped, best-served” environment, airlines which can achieve the higher conformance to a comparable services from the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP).


This will be accomplished by outfitting selected operational user(s)with a data collection system to collect TBO related trajectory data from the capable aircraft FMS. This task is a data collection and analysis effort leading to the development of an operational concept for use (ConUse) in the NAS. It will include initial safety and benefits analysis a planning for simulations. This work will build on work performed by the Contractor under internal research and development activity.


Martin Lauth Martin R. Lauth MAS

Associate Professor

Air Traffic Management

Applied Aviation Sciences

Mr. Lauth has more than 27 years as an air traffic controller with the FAA, working in such places as Chicago and Miami. He uses that experience to help teach the future generation of air traffic controllers.