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Applied Aviation Sciences

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Applied Aviation Sciences

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The Applied Aviation Sciences Department is a true multi-discipline department, focused on providing the highest quality academic and professional programs, which will prepare our graduates for productive careers in aviation, aerospace and related industries. The department offers aviation-related undergraduate and graduate degree programs which prepare students for immediate employment as well as career growth, while providing a broad-based education with emphasis on communication and analytical skills. 

The department offers undergraduate degree programs in Air Traffic Management, Applied Meteorology, Commercial Space Operations, and Aerospace and Occupational Safety. Minors in Air Traffic Control, Applied Meteorology, Aviation Safety, Space Studies, Occupational Safety, and Terrorism Studies are offered to complement other bachelor degree programs. 

The department strives to recruit and develop top-quality faculty. Faculty rely on many years of aviation, industry, military, law enforcement, media, academic and other real-world experience to deliver pertinent, up-to-date, relevant and rigorous courses. The department strives to infuse state-of-the-art simulation into the curriculum.  The department maintains seven state-of-the-art laboratories to support these courses: a meteorology lab, ATC labs for en route, terminal and tower simulation, a safety science lab, a weathercasting lab and an aircraft accident investigation crash lab.  The classrooms have the latest computer and presentation technologies to aid students in their learning. 

In addition to classroom instruction, the department offers students part-time employment opportunities as tutors, research assistants, graders and administrative assistants. The department supports student clubs in Aerospace and Occupational Safety, Meteorology, Air Traffic Control and Homeland Security. By developing our students’ experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, the department strives diligently to prepare its graduates for the vibrant future of the aviation and aerospace industries.