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National Defense Issues- Air Warfare Counterinsurgency and Strategy Development

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Dr. Rob Owen


Aeronautical Science

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Professor Rob Owen continues active research in national defense issues, particularly in air warfare, counterinsurgency, and strategy development.  Potomac Books published his chapter on "Operation Deliberate Force," in the book. This History of Air Warfare. The Office of Air Force History plans to release his book, The Rise of the Global Airlift Arm of the United States, 1919-2008 sometime in the spring of 2010.  At the same time, Professor Owen is scheduled to present papers to conferences sponsored by the Swedish and Israeli air forces on Air Power in the global discourse and Force Projection, respectively.


Rob Owen Dr. Rob Owen


Aeronautical Science

Dr. Rob Owen is a Professor of Aeronautical Science at Embry Riddle's Daytona Beach Campus.