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FAA Industry Training Standards

A FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) Runway Incursion and Wrong Runway Threat and Error Management Training Syllabus for Pilots. I did four deliverables for this project:

  1. Conducted a literature review on how threat and error management training is accomplished/conducted.
  2. Conducted a review on pilot runway safety training that included current pilot training opportunities offered by the FAA and industry. This review determined current runway safety training areas and emphasis items.
  3. Gathered and evaluated data on runway incursions and wrong runway incidents, accidents, and occurrences of runway incursions and incidents of wrong runway use. The evaluation determined probable cause and possible interventions that may have prevented the accident, incident or occurrence.
  4. Developed a FITS Threat and Error Management syllabus. This training syllabus is based on threat and error management and the FITS Tenets. The syllabus includes:
    • A basic introduction on FITS and the FITS tenets
    • Five ground training lessons
    • Five practical scenarios

This syllabus is now posted both on the FAA FITS website as well as on the website as a tool for the prevention of runway incursions.


Michele Halleran Michele Halleran MS

Associate Professor, Associate Chair

Aeronautical Science

Michele Halleran MS is a Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle, Daytona Beach campus.