College of Aviation

Evaluation of 14 CFR Part 91 211

Contact Information

Dr. Guy M. Smith

Associate Professor, AAS Department Chair

Master of Science in Aeronautics

Applied Aviation Sciences

Work: 386-226-6842


Dr. Smith is working in the preliminary stages of a research project  to evaluate 14 CFR Part 91.211(a)(1) ? Supplemental Oxygen ? in the ERAU Normobaric Chamber. The concept is to conduct a study to determine whether the requirements of 14CFR Part 91.211(a)(1) are realistic. The study will involve a flight training device or a PCATD inside the normobaric chamber with objective data collected from an eye-tracker device and a cognitive assessment to validate the eye tracker data. The project will be a joint project with an undergraduate research assistant, Mr. Jefferson McMillan, Glenn Harmon from the AS department and Dr. John French from Human Factors Engineering. I am currently exploring funding possibilities.