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Embry-Riddle's Partnership with Colorado Altitude Training

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Glenn Harmon MS

Associate Professor

Aeronautical Science

Work: 386-226-6843


Professor Harmon has led Embry Riddle's partnership with Colorado Altitude Training (CAT), a company providing high-altitude products to the FAA and other universities, to develop a 10-person unit that would use air machines to extract oxygen from the air in an enclosure creating a low-oxygen environment. Students performing cognitive or motor tasks, or at computer consoles performing flight tasks would experience symptoms and warning signs of hypoxia and correct by donning airline-style oxygen masks like the ones required in cockpits.

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Glenn Harmon Glenn Harmon MS

Associate Professor

Aeronautical Science

Glenn Harmon is an Associate Professor in the Aeronautical Science department at Embry Riddle Daytona Beach.