Control Design Lab

The Control Design Lab supports teaching and research in control area of both faculty and graduate students in the Engineering Physics program.

This lab is used specifically in the teaching and research of advanced control systems design.The main focus of control research conducted in the lab is development of nonlinear control algorithms for autonomous systems, which include unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites, and intelligent automotive systems.

The lab features control test bed equipment: a 4 DOF control moment gyroscope, a 2 DOF serial flexible link robot manipulator, a 3-D hover system, and a driving robot. The fully autonomous GrayMatter ground vehicle that is parked outside the COAS building is also associated with this lab.

Lab Information

Location: COAS-412

Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 386-226-6100 or 800-862-2416, or email