Aerospace Physiology Lab

The Aerospace Physiology Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation in human physiology and biochemistry as well as neurobiology to train students in an experiential learning environment. Contact: Dr. Jon French.

We use traditional electrophysiological assessments of brain function (EEG, ERP, EOG), heart and other muscle activity (ECG, EMG, EGG) in conjunction with actual or simulated aerospace environments. We have access to unusual motion environments (eg. optokinetic, coriollis, parabolic flights). Our biochemistry lab can evaluate respiratory profiles and metabolic determinants (VO2 max, RER) during these and other environments (eg. simulated hypoxia). We have a variety of sophisticated flight simulators in our pilot performance lab as well as experimental aircraft on our flight line. Our students are fully prepared for medical school or advanced study in any of the life sciences and are research ready in the lab or environments unique to aviation, space and beyond.

Lab Information

To learn more or to schedule an appointment to speak with a faculty member, contact:

Email: Dr. Jon French