Diamond DA42 L-360


The new-generation, Lycoming-powered Diamond DA42 L-360 is the aircraft of choice for all of Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach’s multi-engine flight training.

The DA42 combines Garmin G1000 glass-panel avionics with advanced aerodynamics and aircraft construction to create the ideal multi-engine training aircraft. In developing the DA42 L-360, Diamond Aircraft has created one of the most technically advanced light-twin aircraft flying today.

Embry-Riddle selected the new DA42 L-360 because it offered so many advantages over prior-generation designs, including its all-composite construction, state-of-the-art Garmin glass panels, and reliable Lycoming 180-horsepower engines.

Diamond Aircraft has raised the bar for multi-engine training aircraft, and the DA42 L-360 has proven to be exactly the aircraft ERAU was looking for.

A new-generation, light-twin training aircraft

While each new DA42 L-360 comes equipped with an advanced glass cockpit, the ERAU fleet has been upgraded to include an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) traffic and weather system. This provides our students and instructors with greater situational awareness throughout all phases of flight.

The DA42 L-360 fleet also has an enhanced landing-gear warning system that automatically alerts the pilot any time the aircraft is in close proximity to the ground with the landing gear in the retracted position. This greatly reduces the possibility of gear-up landings.

Currently, Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach operates a fleet of 10 DA42 L-360 multi-engine training aircraft. We believe these aircraft provide our advanced flight students with the perfect balance of safety, reliability, and performance.

And the fleet provides our students with the best overall foundation for their professional flying careers.


Maximum Speed180+ knots, true airspeed (KTAS)
Cruise, 55 Percent Power (economy)140 knots, true airspeed (KTAS)

Cruise Range700 nautical miles (30-minute reserves at 55 percent power)
Rate of Climb at Sea Level2,000 feet per minute
Service Ceiling18,000 feet
Takeoff Distance with 50-Foot Obstacle1,500 feet
Landing Distance with 50-Foot Obstacle1,877 feet

Weights & Loads 
Maximum Takeoff Weight3,935 pounds
Useful Load1,179 pounds +/- 3 percent

Usable Fuel79 gallons

Engine & Propeller 
Engines2 Lycoming IO-360 counter rotating engines equipped with PowerFlow tuned exhaust system
Propellers2 MT Propeller 3-blade, constant speed, full feathering
Maximum Horsepower180 horsepower (per engine)

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