ACA Super Decathlon 8KCAB

Giving our students the opportunity to learn the right way to handle extreme conditions is why we offer our optional Upset Recovery training. At the heart of this program is the fully aerobatic American Champion Super Decathlon.

The reliability of its 180-horsepower engine and robust construction make this the ideal aircraft for teaching student pilots how to properly recover from a variety of extreme unusual attitudes, including spins. The optional Upset Recovery training also includes basic aerobatics and emergency maneuvers.

It is specialized training you’ll be glad to have and hope you never have to use.


 Maximum Speed at Sea Level  155 mph
 Cruise, 75 Percent  147 mph
 Stall Speed Clean  53 mph
 Acrobatic Limit Loading +6, -5 Gs
 Cruise Endurance 4.4 hours (45-minute reserves at 55 percent power)
 Service Ceiling 15,800 feet
Takeoff Distance Over 50-Foot Obstacle 904 feet
Landing Distance with 50-Foot Obstacle 1,051 feet
Weights & Loads
 Maximum Takeoff or Landing Weight  1,800 pounds
 Useful Load  460 pounds
 Usable Fuel  39 gallons
Engine & Propeller
 Engine Lycoming AEIO-360-H1B

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